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...but first, coffee.

Welcome to Sunset Bean – and we believe in the power of coffee.

We believe that coffee should be as strong as you want and delicious beyond expectations.

We believe that coffee can build community, create connections, and bring us together.

We believe that coffee fuels more than just our mornings – it fuels our soul.


Above everything else, we believe in roasting, brewing, and serving coffee that is ethically sourced, sustainably produced, and utterly exquisite.

At Sunset Bean, we deliver and serve coffee, teas, and products that promote mental well-being, physical health, and social connection. Since 2020, Sunset Bean has provided our customers with handcrafted, thoroughly researched, and exceptionally tasty coffee, tea, and smoothie products that exceed all expectations. We believe that meaningful conversation over a comforting beverage can help weave a beautiful tapestry of positivity through relationships and experiences throughout the world.

Coffee and Teas to Enhance Your Health

Beyond the social and communal benefits of coffee, tea, and smoothies, studies have regularly shown the many health benefits of drinking ethically sourced coffee that go far beyond simple energy and mental clarity. High-quality coffee can help improve liver health, aid in weight loss, lower the risk of diabetes, prevent gout, and early studies indicate that it can be helpful in reducing cancer risks.

However, Sunset Bean goes above and beyond the simple natural benefits of coffee and tea. Our experienced and data-driven team of coffee roasters and tea purveyors harness their years of biotechnic expertise to enhance the flavors and benefits of coffee and tea on a molecular level. By utilizing and maximizing the power of biotechnic enhancements, Sunset Bean is able to provide a more delicious, healthy, and sustainable coffee experience for you, your company, and your clients.

Embracing the Power of Community and Coffee

At Sunset Bean, we believe that integrity, honesty, and sincerity is everything. By providing coffee and tea that is of an outstanding quality at a fair price, we believe we are bringing people together throughout the world. We are fully committed to earning the trust, loyalty, and respect of every individual who we have the honor of serving, and the team at Sunset Bean works hard to maintain, expand, and strengthen that bond with our individual customers and community every day.

Sunset Bean was founded with an honest, simple, and humble mission in mind: Deliver outstandingly delicious, ethically sourced, and sustainable coffees, teas, and smoothies that delight the senses and connect community.

Believe in the power of coffee.


Choose Sunset Bean.